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Introducing Our White Worm Starter Culture: Ideal for Finicky Fish Preferring Live Food

For those discerning fish that exclusively crave live food, our White Worm Starter Culture provides the ultimate solution. Cultivating and nurturing these worms is a breeze - simply follow the step-by-step instructions included, and you'll establish your primary worm culture in no time. 

What's more, we've thoughtfully included an initial food supply to kickstart your worm colony. This means you can continue indulging your fish with the live food they adore. 

Each 2oz container comes teeming with a diverse mix of eggs, juveniles, and mature worms, along with comprehensive instructions on how to propagate and maintain your culture. Dive into the world of live feeding with ease!

White Worm Starter Culture

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  • Nutritional Yeast Packet with Purchase

    Nutritional yeast is a form of complete yeast cells that are no longer active, making it an excellent choice as a nutrient supplement for cultivating various microorganisms. Derived from a specific Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain, our nutritional yeast serves as a valuable reservoir of top-notch protein, essential amino acids, and vitamins for your white worm culture media needs.

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