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Shadowhouse Root Tabs Fertilizer Enriched with High Iron Content

Our Planted Aquarium Fertilizer offers a balanced nutrient blend to nourish your aquatic plants effectively. Each capsule contains the following essential nutrients:

- 18% Total Nitrogen (comprising 9.5% ammoniacal and 8.5% nitrate forms)
- 5% Available Phosphate
- 12% Soluble Potash
- 0.7% Magnesium (of which 0.35% is water-soluble)
- 5% Sulfur (combined)
- 0.5% Iron (with 0.0006% being water-soluble)
- 0.1% Manganese (with 0.07% being water-soluble)

Instructions for usage:

1. Use tweezers to insert each slow-release capsule deep into the substrate, positioning them near the base of rooted plants.
2. Space the capsules 5-6 inches apart or as needed, depending on the density of your plant arrangement.
3. Replace the tabs after 1-2 months for continuous plant nourishment.
4. Ensure your tank has at least 1 inch of substrate for optimal results.
5. Insert the tabs deeply into the substrate to prevent them from floating.
6. Recommended for aquariums with a volume of over 10 gallons.
7. Maintain weekly water changes and conduct regular chemistry testing to ensure a healthy aquatic environment.

- Capsule Size: 00
- Capsule Weight: 1 gram (+/- 0.2 grams)
- Sold in packs of 25

Shadowhouse Root Tabs 25+

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