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Subwassertang, scientifically known as Lomariopsis sp. 'subwassertang,' is a fascinating aquatic plant popular among aquarium enthusiasts. This unique plant is often recognized for its distinctive appearance and easy-care nature. Here's a description of Subwassertang:

1. Appearance:
   Subwassertang is a captivating aquatic fern that features a rich, deep green coloration. Its growth pattern is characterized by small, intricate, and densely packed fronds that resemble delicate leaves. The fronds have a fern-like appearance, with a fine texture that adds a touch of elegance to aquariums.

2. Growth Habit:
   Subwassertang grows as a low-lying, carpet-like plant, covering the substrate or aquarium decorations. It doesn't have true roots but attaches itself to surfaces via rhizoids, creating a lush, forest-like ambiance in the tank.

3. Maintenance:
   One of the key attractions of Subwassertang is its minimal maintenance requirements. It is a hardy and undemanding plant that thrives in a wide range of water conditions. It can adapt to varying light levels, making it suitable for low-light and high-light aquariums. Additionally, it doesn't require CO2 supplementation and can grow well in low-tech setups.

4. Propagation:
   Subwassertang reproduces readily and can quickly spread to cover a substantial area in the aquarium. You can propagate it by simply dividing the plant into smaller portions and attaching them to different surfaces or areas within the tank.

5. Benefits:
   Apart from its aesthetic appeal, Subwassertang provides numerous benefits to the aquarium ecosystem. It serves as a natural shelter and hiding place for fish and invertebrates, reducing stress and promoting a healthier environment. Additionally, it helps maintain water quality by absorbing excess nutrients and competing with algae for resources.

6. Compatibility:
   Subwassertang is compatible with a wide range of freshwater aquarium inhabitants, including fish, shrimp, and snails. It can be used in both freshwater and brackish water setups, making it a versatile choice for aquarists.

7. Aesthetic Versatility:
   This aquatic plant can be creatively incorporated into aquascaping designs, such as creating lush carpets, attaching it to driftwood or rocks, or even allowing it to float on the water's surface for a unique effect.

In summary, Subwassertang is a visually appealing, undemanding, and versatile aquatic plant that can enhance the beauty of freshwater and brackish water aquariums while providing benefits to the overall ecosystem. Its lush, fern-like appearance and ease of care make it a favored choice among aquarists of all skill levels.


Temperature:68°F to 75F

C02: low

Fert’s: Low Liquid

PH: 6 to 8

Height: small to Large

Light: low to mod

Placement: attached to wood or rock or floated

Growth Rate: moderate to low

Propagate: division

Flow: low


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    Loose Golf ball sized Culture

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    At Shadowhouse Shrimp, we know how important it is to receive healthy aquatic Plants. To ensure our customers have the best experience possible, we take great care in packaging and shipping these plants. However, we understand that issues may arise and have a Dead on Arrival (DOA) policy in place. If you receive a dead plant upon delivery, please let us know within 24 hours with a clear photo, alongside the invoice and original packaging. We will provide a refund or replace the item, but the buyer will be responsible for shipping costs. Please note that due to live animal shipping, we cannot accept returns and all sales are final. We appreciate your understanding that our Live Arrival Guarantee will be void after 24 hours of delivery and that we will not replace replacements. We will not refund plants due to snails, algae, or other incidental hitchhikers during natural plant growth. We do clean and quarentine all our plants at least 3 days before shipment and we recomend customers also quarentine plants for at lease 3 days you are worried about unwanted pest. We will provide a heat pack during cold months and a cold pack during hot months. In the case of extreme weather we reserve the right to withhold shipping until it safe to do so or issue refund for items purchased.

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