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Product Information: Opae ula the Hawaiian brackishwater Red Shrimp

Common Names: Opae ula, Hawaiian Red Shrimp, Hawaiian Volcano Shrimp, Anchialine Shrimp

Scientific Name: Halocaridina rubra

Size: Adult shrimp reach approximately 1.2 cm in length.

Ideal Temperature Range: These shrimp thrive in temperatures between 55℉ and 86℉, showcasing remarkable adaptability.

Habitat Requirements:

  • Water Type: Requires brackish water to thrive.
  • Salinity: Optimal salinity levels for breeding are between 10 to 23 ppt (specific gravity of 1.008 to 1.016).

Diet: A diet of fish food, including flakes and pellets, is suitable for these shrimp.

Origin: Endemic to the Hawaiian Islands, these shrimp are adapted to live in unique anchialine ponds.

Reproduction: Females carry eggs for 30-35 days until hatching. The young undergo a brief planktonic stage before settling into a benthic lifestyle.

Unique Adaptations and Ethical Considerations

The Hawaiian Red Shrimp is an exceptional species known for its ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions, including wide ranges of temperature and salinity, and low oxygen levels. These shrimp can survive periods of food scarcity and have a lifespan of over 20 years in ideal conditions.

Ethical Concerns:

  • Ecospheres: Selling these shrimp in sealed glass ecosystems is unethical, leading to prolonged suffering and eventual death due to starvation and suffocation.
  • Captive Breeding vs. Wild Capture: It's crucial to purchase these shrimp from reputable sources that offer captive-bred individuals. Over 90% of their natural habitats have been destroyed, underscoring the importance of avoiding wild-caught specimens to conserve remaining populations.

Supporting Conservation

By choosing Hawaiian Red Shrimp from ethical sources, you contribute to the conservation of this remarkable species and its natural habitat. Ensure the longevity and health of your shrimp by providing them with the correct habitat and diet as outlined.



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Opae Ula

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