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This 100 count culture of Gammarus fasciatus offers an invaluable resource for aquarium enthusiasts, educators, and researchers alike. Sourced from pristine environments, each culture is meticulously maintained to ensure the highest quality and vitality of these fascinating striped amphipods. Gammarus fasciatus, known for their distinctive body stripes and ability to thrive in a variety of freshwater habitats, make an excellent live food source for a wide range of aquatic pets, including fish and amphibians, promoting natural feeding behaviors and enhanced nutritional intake.

Contained in a specially designed, secure packaging, this culture is delivered with care instructions to guarantee a successful introduction into your aquarium or research setting. The packaging is designed to ensure the amphipods arrive in optimal condition, ready to provide a sustainable and enriching environment for your aquatic life. Ideal for educational purposes, these amphipods also serve as an exceptional tool for studying aquatic ecosystems, offering insights into the behaviors and lifecycles of invertebrates in freshwater habitats.

Whether you're looking to enrich your aquarium's ecosystem, provide a nutritious food source for your aquatic pets, or engage in scientific study, this 100 count culture of Gammarus fasciatus is an excellent choice, promising quality, vitality, and educational value.

Gammarus fasciatus 100 ct.

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